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The Interim Provisions on the Management of International Students in Guiyang University
2016-11-17 11:43  

I. General Principles

1. The provisions are formulated to serve for the international students in Guiyang University, to promote international exchanges and cooperation, and to normalize administration on enrolling and cultivating international students, based onThe Administrative Regulation for Colleges and Universities Enrolling International Studentswhich is the 9thregulation issued by the national ministry of education, the national ministry of foreign affairs, and the national ministry of public security.

2. In order to normalize the enrollment, education of international students and the managements on international students and their social lives, the leading group of international students management has been established as the top management institution to be in charge of the enrollment, publicity, education and school register management, scholarship management, and management on international students’ school lives and social lives.

3. The provisions apply to the international students enrolled by Guiyang University, including the international students who study for degrees, exchange students, short term research students and medium and long term research students. Besides, the provisions also apply to the students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

II. Enrollment and Scholarship

4. The school offers degree programs and non-degree programs. The degree program is the bachelor degree education. The non-degree program is designed for exchange students, short term research students and medium and long term research students. Enrollment targets include all healthy foreigners, with their own passports, who are friendly to China, and qualified for enrollment according to the Regulation on the Enrollment of International Students.

5. There are school scholarships for the students who obey the school rules and get excellent grades.

6. International students may apply for the scholarship awarded by thegovernmental agenciessuch as the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the international students’ scholarship of Guizhou province, but also the scholarship established for international students by the school. The category, standard, application, assessment of the scholarship and other related regulations on it are illustrated in details inThe Measures for the Administrative of International Students Scholarship of Guiyang University in 2015.

III. Education and School Register Management

7. For the students who study for degree, each teaching schools of Guiyang University they major in are responsible for their education and management.

The students are required to study in regular classes. All professional curriculums will be taught according to the full-time teaching management, and will be taught according to teaching projects and syllabuses. All curriculums will be mainly taught in Chinese. The graduation theses are also required to be written in Chinese. The students who complete the study period, earn required academic credits will gain the graduation certificates. Among them who are qualified for degree certificate, according toThe Regulations of Degree Awarding of the People's Republic of China, will be awarded with degree certificates.

8. For the exchange students, short term research students and medium and long term research students, their education and management are in the charge of the teaching schools undertake the education programs in which the above students take part.

The students will study in regular classes or in the classes especially organized for international students in the program in which they are take part. The courses will be taught according to the teaching projects and syllabuses according to the corresponding personnel cultivating programs. All courses will be mainly taught in Chinese. The students who complete the education or researching programs will be granted with certificates of course completion and academic records.

9. On the premise of guaranteeing the teaching quality, teaching activities may be held in accordance with the cultural background andpsychological characteristicsof international students. With the approval of authority, the compulsory and selective courses may be adjusted to a certain extent.

10. Each teaching schools must comply with regulations on foreign affairs during the process of selecting the location of teaching practices and social practices of international students.

11. Guiyang University provides international students with necessary conditions for teaching and learning to meet the requirements of education. The students may apply for the permissions of the teaching school in which they study to use the other teaching facilities and get the other related materials which are beyond the requirement of education.

12. The newly enrolled students are required to register in Guiyang University within the time informed, taking theVisa Application Form for Study in China, Health Certificates and enrollment notifications with them. The students, who are unable to register on time because of some personal businesses, should ask for delaying to register, but the delay shall not exceed one month. The students who do not register on time without permission will be disqualified for enrollment.

13. In principle, the performance evaluation, degradation (sending to a lower grade), suspension of schooling and dropping out of school are managed in accordance with the regulations on the management of average undergraduate students in Guiyang University.

14. The students who cannot recover from illnesses in a short time and the students who ask for suspension of schooling and dropping out of school should apply for the approval of the school leaders. The related embassies in China or dispatching agencies should be informed about this in written. The related documents on this should be sent tosuperior departments in charge and the State Education Commissions to keep for record.

15. The students who drop out of school before completing the study period will earn certificates of incompletion which may justify the study period that has been completed.

16. If the school orders international students to quite school or expels students, the related information and documents on it should be sent to the Provincial Education Department to keep for record.

17. During the study period, the cost of international round trips for returning to homelands, spending holidays abroad, returning to homelands because of suspension of schooling and dropping out of school will be paid by dispatching agencies or the students themselves.

IV. School Administration

18. The international students must abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the school rules and regulations, respect the habits and customs of China, respect teachers, be friendly with classmates, and must not infringe upon other people’s legitimate rights.

19. The School respects customs and religions of international students, but does not provide locations for religious ceremonies. If the international students who hold religious activities in or out of the campus must abide bythe Regulations of the Peoples’ Republic of China on Religious Activities Held by Foreigners. All missionary activities and other religious gatherings are forbidden in the campus.

20. During the period of studying in the Guiyang University, international students are forbidden to obtain employment, be engaged in business, or other commercial activities. Without the approval of the school, international students shall not take part in work-study activities and foreign-related social survey activities.

21. International students are allowed and encouraged to take part in entertainment and sports activities organized by the school. International students may attend the celebrating ceremonies held on the important festivals of China of their own accord. The school may hold entertainment and sports activities which are benefit to international students psychologically and physically.

22. With the approval of the school, international students may hold celebrating activities to celebrate the important festival of their own nations on the specified locations and sites. But in these activities, there should not be any content which is against and assault other countries or statements and behaviors which violate the public morality.

23. The school provides international students with board and lodging facilitates and other necessary living facilitates, and establishes and announces the management regulation of these facilitates according to relevant regulations.

24. The school does not allow international students to live off campus. International students who live off campus should obey the Regulations on the Management of the Students Live off Campus, and to register in the public security organ which is in charge of the district where the students live.

25. The school will deal with the students who violate school regulations according to the regulations on the management of the students in Guiyang University. The students who break the laws of China will be sent to the organizations concerned.

V. Social Life Management

26. The departments of student management of Guiyang University shall cooperate with relevant administrative departments to carry out the social life management of international students effectively.

27. International students who get something to publish, organize a association, gathering, and demonstration must abide by the relevant laws and rules of China

28. The provisions are implemented as of the date of promulgation.